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Polling Percentage Discrepancies Uncovering the Mystery!

Recent elections in India have raised significant suspicions among the opposition parties regarding the final polling percentages released by the Election Commission. After the first phase of polling on April 19, the Election Commission reported a 60% turnout by 7 PM. However, 11 days later, the final report adjusted this figure to 66.14%. A similar pattern emerged in the second phase on April 26, where initial figures showed 60.96% turnout, which later increased to 66.7% in the final report released on April 30.

This discrepancy between initial and final polling percentages is sparking widespread concern and calls for transparency. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has written to the leaders of India's alliance parties urging them to raise their voices in unison to defend the constitution and democratic norms.

As we await further phases of polling, it's crucial to monitor these developments closely. Will this trend continue? What implications will these discrepancies have on the overall integrity of the electoral process? These questions remain at the forefront as the nation watches on.