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PMModi's Comments Ignite Outrage During Rajasthan Rally

In a heated election campaign in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sparked controversy with his remarks aimed at the Muslim community, criticizing the opposition Indian coalition. He accused them of being inclined to redistribute the nation's wealth to Muslims if they came to power. Modi went further, asserting that the Congress leaders, whom he described as having an "urban Naxal mindset," would not even spare the gold necklaces of our mothers and sisters. He claimed that the Congress manifesto included a plan to catalog and distribute these gold assets, and reminded his audience that the previous government under Manmohan Singh had declared that Muslims had the first right to the country’s resources. This statement has stirred a significant backlash from the opposition, accusing Modi of trying to divert attention from real issues with such degrading comments. The Prime Minister's words are now at the center of a fiery debate across political and social spectrums.