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Pawan Kalyan Contesting Announcement Sparks Protests In TDP🗳️

Positives in the survey.. Positive vibes on the ground.. Pawan Kalyan is finally ready for Amitumi in Pithapuram. The Jana Sena ranks were immersed in celebrations with the leader's announcement. But at the same time.. in TDP there was disagreement. The alliance is worried about which way this anger will turn. While the ranks of the Janasena are drowning in joy with Pawan's announcement, the anger in the TDP is burning. SVSN Verma's followers protested by burning TDP flexi and flags. He demanded that Verma be given to TDP. Responding to Pawan's statement, Verma reminded that he has been with TDP for the last 20 years and left. How will the administration put a full stop to the dissension in Pithapuram? How does Varma get in the way? It has to be seen whether it will be pacified with any guarantee.