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Oscars 2024 John Cena Nude Show On Stage Shocks Fans🎭

The host for the ceremony-Jimmy Kimmel-introduced John Cena on stage as one of the presenters and hinted that he would come naked on stage.

Oscars or Academy Awards.. This film awards ceremony which is considered to be the most prestigious, is watched with great interest by the whole world. But there is always some kind of controversy on the Oscars stage. This time also something like that shocked the fans. The video of star wrestler John Cena getting naked on stage is now going viral. WWE Superstar John Cena got the opportunity to give the best costume award at the Oscars ceremony this time. His name was announced to present the award. Everyone was shocked to see what happened next. After that, the people under the stage laughed. The reason for this is that John Cena came without even a thread on his private part.

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