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Naresh’s Shocking Comments on Pavitra Lokesh 🗣️💥

Pavitra Lokesh, a well-known character artist, needs no introduction. Her popularity surged after the pandemic, making her and Naresh a sensational couple in Telugu states and Karnataka. Their love story has left a significant impact on society, with Pavitra Lokesh becoming synonymous with Naresh and vice versa. Love is mysterious, and that's how Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh fell in love, leading to a series of events that everyone is aware of. From third-wife drama to controversies, their relationship has always been in the news.

Recently, Naresh opened up in an interview, discussing various aspects of his family. He spoke about his bond with Mahesh Babu and Prince’s favorite foods. He then talked about Pavitra Lokesh, revealing that her birthday and his mother Vijay Nirmala's birthday fall on the same day, which he sees as a divine signal. Naresh praised Pavitra, saying she is a strong woman like his mother and shared how he comforted his mother during her final days by telling her about Pavitra, which gave her peace.

However, controversies follow this couple. Pavitra’s ex-husband accused her of being with Naresh for his wealth, claiming Naresh's property is worth Rs. 1500 crores and that despite being over 60 years old, Pavitra accepted him as her husband for money.