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#NaraLokeshSlamsCMJagan: "People Won't Buy These Dramas Anymore!" 🎭🚫

Nara Lokesh, TDP General Secretary and candidate from Mangalagiri, has once again criticized Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. During a public meeting in Neerukonda village, Lokesh questioned the disappearing act of an injury Jagan once showcased during his bus tour, implying it was all staged. "People are no longer gullible to such dramas," Lokesh stated, adding humorously that a film starring 'CM Jagan and Co' could easily clinch an Oscar.

Lokesh promised that if TDP comes to power, the capital city will be completed to stand tall, honoring the people of Andhra Pradesh. He highlighted the contrast between his vision of fostering industrial opportunities in the state, similar to how Telugus are prospering as industrialists in other states and countries, versus what he termed Jagan’s "prisonary" leadership. Lokesh also criticized the current government's Land Titling Act, claiming it allows for land grabbing under the guise of regulation, potentially dispossessing the rightful landowners.


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