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Naga Chaitanya unveils the teaser of 'Arambam' 🌟

Mohan Bhagat, Supreeta Satyanarayana, Bhushan Kalyan, Ravindra Vijay in key roles Ajay Nag V under the banner of AVT Entertainment. The teaser of Abhishek VT's film "Aarambam" under the direction of star hero Naga Chaitanya has been released recently. . The film "Aarambam" was touted as a simple thriller. Appreciating the interesting elements in the teaser, Naga Chaitanya congratulated the team.

The teaser of “Aarambam” sets the stage for an epic revelation: the time when Lord Rama ascends Vaikuntha. Anticipating Hanuman's reluctance to leave him, Rama wisely drops his ring in a mound. Hanuman, chasing the ring, enters the underworld where Vasuki guides him. There, Hanuman found several rings similar to Lord Rama's. When asked which belongs to Lord Rama, Vasuki reveals that all the rings belong to Lord Rama. Amidst this narrative, the “Beginning” teaser unfolds scenes from the jail, details of the case, various characters and moments of déjà vu, all of which contribute to the teaser's captivating appeal. The film team is preparing to release 'Arambam' in theaters soon.