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MLCKavitha'sDayInCourt: Key Developments in Delhi Liquor Scam Case

In a significant turn of events today, MLC Kavitha is set to face a crucial day in court concerning the Delhi liquor policy scam. As her Enforcement Directorate (ED) custody concludes today, Kavitha is expected to appear before the Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi. The authorities will also review her bail petition filed earlier.

The case, which has been making headlines for its high-profile allegations, implicates Kavitha as a central figure. According to ED officials, both Kavitha and Delhi's Chief Minister were key architects of the scam, allegedly manipulating liquor policy to favor the South Group, involving kickbacks worth hundreds of crores.

Today's proceedings are critical, with the possibility of extending Kavitha's ED custody by another four days. The court has already instructed the ED to present counter-arguments against the bail petition. Meanwhile, the legal team defending Kavitha is gearing up to challenge the allegations and push for her release.

This case has stirred significant political tremors since its exposure in 2022, with each development keenly watched by both national media and political analysts. The ongoing investigations and court proceedings continue to unfold layers of this high-stakes political drama.