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Maybe Jagan Is My Fourth Wife – Pawan Kalyan 😲

Janasena head Pawan Kalyan was extremely aggressive and enigmatic while coming out firing against CM Jagan Mohan Reddy at the Tadepalligudem meeting today. Pawan addressed the set of statements made by Jagan and YCP about his three marriages.Yes, I married thrice and divorced twice. But Jagan says I have four wives, maybe Jagan is my fourth wife. If Jagan is so fascinated about my marriages, then perhaps I can say he is my fourth wife, Pawan Kalyan said at the meeting. This statement instantly gained traction on social platforms.Pawan said the strategies and tactics of the alliance are exemplary this time and promised to bring down the Jagan government at all costs in 2024. “Jagan ni dinchakapothe naa peru Pawan Kalyan eh kaadu, naa party Janasena eh kadu. Aa party makkelu iraggodatham” Pawan said in Telugu.Pawan’s ultra-aggressive approach to his speech at the meeting today was met with claps and whistles from the crowd.