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MaoistsWarnBJP: Details of Encounter in Chhattisgarh's Dense Forests Emerge

In the dense forests of Kanker, Chhattisgarh, recent police actions have highlighted intense clashes with Maoists. Authorities conducted a lightning strike based on precise intelligence about a meeting of the North Bastar Division Committee, resulting in a significant encounter. Over the past month, the security forces have ramped up surveillance on Maoist movements, combining human and electronic intelligence to execute the operation.

A team of 200 personnel, including Bastar Fighters and BSF staff, ventured deep into the forest and engaged in a fierce battle as they crossed a river and were met with resistance from Maoist sympathizers who attacked with improvised explosive devices. The confrontation resulted in the neutralization of 29 Maoists. Police were trying to apprehend Maoist leader Shankar Rao but faced counter-fire from the Maoists.

The encounter took place during the collection season, which typically sees an influx of Maoists in the area to collect funds from contractors. Using remnants of meals found at the site, police surrounded the Maoist camp and exchanged gunfire near the Narayanpur forest area. The operation did not result in any casualties among the police, but authorities warn of potential retaliatory attacks by the Maoists. The Maoist party has already issued a warning to BJP leaders and called for a strike on the 25th of this month.