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Maldives Appeals: Seeking Harmony with Indian Tourists Amid Tensions

Recently, diplomatic relations between India and the Maldives have faced challenges due to derogatory comments made by Maldivian ministers on social media during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Lakshadweep. These comments incited a significant backlash among Indians, leading to calls for a boycott of Maldivian tourism—a key economic sector for the island nation.

In light of reduced tourist numbers and dwindling revenue, the Maldivian government has taken steps to mend fences. The Maldives’ Minister of Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, made a heartfelt appeal to Indian travelers, recognizing the longstanding ties between the two countries and urging renewed partnership in tourism. Despite the political spat, he emphasized the Maldives' commitment to a peaceful and friendly atmosphere for Indian visitors.

Following a sharp decline in visitors, the Maldives finds itself grappling with the economic impact. Reports indicate a 42% drop in Indian tourists in the first quarter of this year compared to last year. In a bold move to restore relations and boost tourism, the Maldives has dismissed three ministers responsible for the offending comments and is actively working to promote its tourism offerings to Indian travelers.