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#MajorDrugBustInGujarat: NCB Seizes Drugs Worth 600 Crores 💰🚔

In a significant operation, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) team in Gujarat has successfully seized approximately 86 kilograms of drugs valued at around 600 crore INR. The drugs were intercepted along the Gujarat coastline by coastal authorities, marking a substantial crackdown on narcotics smuggling. In this secret joint operation, the Coast Guard, ATC staff, and NCB officers collaborated effectively.

The officials captured a Pakistan boat involved in the clandestine transportation of these narcotics to Porbandar for further investigation. This operation also involved 14 individuals allegedly part of a syndicate smuggling drugs into India. The Coast Guard ship Rajratan played a crucial role in intercepting the vessel. The operation was conducted under the veil of night, using small boats and special aircraft to track and seize the drugs, culminating in the arrest and subsequent remand of the involved suspects.

Following this, officials have also unveiled secret drug labs operating in Gujarat and Rajasthan, with narcotics worth approximately 300 crores seized from three production centers. This successful operation has brought increased attention to the ongoing battle against the drug mafia and illegal drug trafficking by coastal, narcotics, and intelligence agencies.