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Mahesh Babu's mother sentiment flops? 🎥✨

There is no need to say how the superstar Mahesh Babu craze will be in Telugu states. But Mahesh Babu who received many super duper hits suffered flops with that one sentiment. Let's look at that.

Mahesh Babu entered the Telugu film industry as the son and successor of late superstar Krishna. Rajkumaru became a super hit with the movie and became known as Prince of Tollywood not only for girls. Later he established his stardom as a superstar with his acting, dancing and comedy timing. Let's see the mother sentiment movies that gave flops to Mahesh Babu who received many blockbuster hits.

Guntur Karaam

It can be said that Guntur Karam is one of the most disappointing films in superstar Mahesh Babu's career. As it is the third film of Mahesh Babu-Trivikram combination, the expectations have increased tremendously. Since the film is being promoted as a political drama, Mother Sentiment, and the title is Guntur Karam, the mass audience has high expectations. But, after the release of the movie Tira got an unexpected talk.

A non-workout concept

Guntur Karam movie which released on January 12th Sankranti disappointed the Telugu audience. But the reason for that is that the mother sentiment taken as the main concept is not worked out. The whole story revolves around a signature of the son that he has nothing to do with the mother. However, there is a lack of suitable scenes, the strength and power of Trivikram's writing is missing in this movie. Due to many reasons, Guntur Karam almost left Mahesh Babu as a flop.


Mahesh Babu's movie Nani is directed by versatile actor and director SJ Surya. Coming as a science fiction and romantic comedy movie, Nani's entire movie is based on mother sentiment. At the age of eight, a boy who wanted to die because his mother did not like him, turns into a 28-year-old man through a scientist's experiment. Then the experiment fails and he is like an 8-year-old boy by day and a 28-year-old man by night.

Why did his mother yell at him in this order. Knowing why you are angry. By getting the wife pregnant, they tried to tell how great is the love of the mother. However, it was good till some scenes but failed to impress completely. Fans and audience could not see Mahesh Babu in such a comedy role. With this, approximately Rs. Nani, which was made with a budget of 12 crores, was average.


The film directed by Teja starring Mahesh Babu is true. In this movie released in 2003, Gopichand impressed as the villain. However, there is a mother sentiment in the film, which is a revenge crime thriller where she takes revenge for her father's murder. The mother gives training to the son and prepares to take revenge. Box office didn't like seeing Mahesh Babu in such a role after a huge blockbuster like Okodu. It turned out to be a disaster. That is, this movie which has a kind of mother sentiment also left a flop for Mahesh Babu.

Some more movies

Apart from mother sentiment films, Arjun's movie with sister sentiment also failed at the box office. However, even though some of the films starring Mahesh Babu as a hero with family sentiments failed, some films like Murari gave a hit. After almost ten years, Guntur Karam, which came with Mother Sentiment, was a disappointment, and there is a discussion on the net about Mahesh Babu's family sentiment movies.🎥✨