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MadSquare: Tollywood's Next Blockbuster Sequel Hits Screens Soon! 🎥✨

Great news for Tollywood fans! Following the smashing success of "Tillu Square," Sitara Entertainments has just announced a sequel named "Mad Square." The original movie, released last October, captured the audience's heart, paving the way for this much-anticipated sequel. Expectations are sky-high as the makers hope to replicate the magic of "Tillu Square," which was itself a sequel to the hit "DJ Tillu." Despite some delays since last September, the excitement hasn't dwindled. The previous film not only entertained but also raked in an impressive ₹130 crores at the box office, setting a record for Siddhu Jonnalagadda's career."Mad Square" promises to continue the legacy with key cast members Naveen Nitin and Sangita Shoban reprising their roles. The film is expected to do well in theaters and on OTT platforms, following in the footsteps of its predecessor. Stay tuned as "Mad Square" aims to create new records and captivate the audience once again!