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Koratala applying that dangerous formula for Devara 🎬

After preparing Rajamouli's route map for Pan Indian films... our directors are using it comfortably. Koratala Shiva is also doing the same. He is using the same Baahubali formula for Devara. Devara is going to show the world in his style. Do you know why Koratala is following Jakkanna? 🤔

What to say about the Telugu industry.. Rajamouli is coming in the middle. He made the big budget movies off topic without talking about himself. Recently, Koratala Shiva is also going the Baahubali route for Devara. He is making this movie in two parts. This is a good way to recover the increased budget. 💰

With the release date of October 10, keeping that in mind, the makers are speeding up the shooting of Devara. NTR is playing father and son in this. Just like Rajamouli created the characters of Amarendra and Mahendra Baahubali in Baahubali, Koratala Siva is going to show both characters in parallel in Devara. 🌟

Baahubali The Beginning First half has the role of the son.. The whole second half has the role of the father. Also the conclusion is the end of the father's role in the first half.. The story ends with the revenge of the son in the second half. It is known that the same format is going to be seen in Devara. Son in Devara 1. It is known that father's roles will be highlighted in the sequel. 🔥

Koratala is planning to play the roles of father and son one more than the other. He says that there is no reduction in elevations. Janhvi Kapoor is playing the heroine in it. Anirudh's music is another major plus. NTR is also giving his life for Devara. All in all, it remains to be seen how well the Baahubali formula fits this movie. 🎬🌟🎥💰🔥