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KK Survey Predicted Alliance Will Win With Majority Votes In Exit Polls Which Came True

KK survey has estimated that the NDA alliance will get more than 150 seats in the Andhra Pradesh assembly elections. YCP leaders saw this survey.. Where is this survey? Who can't believe it? He criticized saying that. But now if we look at the results of the assembly elections, it can be said that the predictions of the survey will come true. According to the current trends, YCP is leading in 19 seats, while the alliance is leading in 156 seats. Due to this, there is a lot of discussion about him on social media. Netizens are sharing their opinions in the form of comments saying, 'Who bro, you are so talented..' While some predicted that YCP will come, others predicted that TDP alliance would come. But KK Sarve alone was praised for anticipating the alliance tsunami in AP.

KK survey estimate is this..

It is clear that TDP will win 133 seats out of 144 seats. Also, Janasena will win in 21 out of 21 seats. BJP will win seven out of ten seats, says KK survey. And YCP will be limited to only 14 seats out of 175 seats. Looking at the latest trends...YCP is leading in 17 seats, TDP in 131 seats, BJP in 7 seats and Jana Sena in 20 seats. Based on this.. it must be said that the exit polls for the entire KK survey surprised everyone.

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