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Kamal Haasan's Reaction to Pawan Kalyan's Victory! 🎉🌟

Sometimes, it's late, but it’s sure to come! Whoever achieves 100% success is the one who leads Jana Sena. Wow, if the last punch is ours, that feeling is unmatched! Now, Pawan Kalyan is experiencing such a high. But this isn’t the last punch; it’s just a trailer, says the President of Jana Sena. Pawan Kalyan, who didn't crumble in defeat and isn't overjoyed in victory, declares that politics is not a smooth road but a thorny path.

Despite losing in two places, he didn't step back. He started the party five or six years ago, but the cadre wasn't strong, and the foundation wasn’t solid. Despite criticisms, he didn’t retreat. The sharper the criticism, the stronger he grew in politics. Pawan’s political strategies for 2024 are unexpected. With the determination to win for the party even if he steps back, he made alliance moves. He worked tirelessly for this alliance.

Finally, Pawan Kalyan achieved victory! He won with a massive majority from the Pithapuram constituency. Praise for Pawan Kalyan’s victory is pouring in from all quarters. His fans and Jana Sena workers are celebrating his win like a festival. Everywhere you look, you can hear Pawan Kalyan’s name and see his photos. Even film celebrities are showering praises on him, sharing posts on social media.

Stars like Mahesh Babu, NTR, Thalapathy Vijay, and Rajinikanth have congratulated Pawan on his victory. Recently, Universal Hero Kamal Haasan also congratulated Pawan Kalyan. Kamal shared a post on social media saying, "Heartfelt congratulations to Pawan Kalyan on his electoral victory. All the best on your journey to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people of Andhra Pradesh. We spoke and got emotional," said Kamal. He added, "Proud of you, brother." This tweet is now going viral on social media, with Pawan’s fans sharing it widely.