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Jagan who got 99 marks.. will he get scared'🗳️✨

"Student who has got 99 marks... will he be afraid of the exams?" said YCP leader and CM Jagan Sanchalan.

He, who has been campaigning for the past few days under the name of Wemanta Saaraat, recently spoke in Madanapalle of Ummadi Chittoor district. Jagan, who said that he is contesting alone in the current elections, said that the opposition does not have that courage, that is why they are contesting against him together. However, he said that it was the people who gave him the courage to compete alone. A student who has scored 99 he afraid of exams? He asked. At the same time, he criticized the opposition. He said that no one has the courage to compete against him alone. He criticized that they come in groups, like wolf packs, with flags and lies for power. Their job is to attach flags and Jagan's job is to hide in your hearts.


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