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IsItGoodLuck to Place a Ganesha Idol Near the Main Door?

According to Vastu Shastra, placing a Ganesha idol near the main entrance of your home is considered very auspicious. Lord Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, and having his idol at the main door is believed to bring positive energy and keep negative energies at bay. This practice is deeply rooted in Hindu culture and is thought to bring prosperity, happiness, and success to the household. However, there are specific Vastu guidelines to follow to ensure maximum benefits.

  1. Direction Matters: Place the Ganesha idol in the north or south direction if the main door is facing those directions. Avoid placing it in the east or west direction.

  2. Type of Idol: Choose an idol where Ganesha's face is clearly visible and preferably in a sitting position. This ensures a calm and peaceful environment.

  3. Color and Accessories: For overall happiness and well-being, use a red-colored idol. For progress and growth, a white idol is ideal. Ensure that the idol has Ganesha's favorite items like laddoos and a mouse.

  4. Position of the Trunk: If the idol is placed at the main entrance, the trunk should curve to the left. If placed inside the home, a right-curved trunk is recommended. Couples and those wishing for children should prefer the right-curved trunk idol.

  5. Avoid Certain Idols: Do not place dancing Ganesha idols at home as they might lead to unrest and disputes. Also, avoid gifting such idols.

  6. Placement Restrictions: Do not place the idol near the bathroom or in the bedroom, as it might create disturbances in marital life and overall harmony.

Following these Vastu tips can help ensure that the presence of Ganesha brings peace, prosperity, and positivity to your home.