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"Internal Rifts Surface in Janasena's Kakinada Unit Amidst Elections"

As the Lok Sabha elections approach, political parties are experiencing internal conflicts, and Janasena Party is no exception. Recently, a supposedly cordial meeting of Janasena leaders and activists in Kakinada turned confrontational, highlighting deep-seated factionalism within the party.

The meeting, intended to be a heartfelt gathering, ended up in heated exchanges as the party leaders split into two groups. The verbal altercations spilled onto the streets, where activists argued over recognition and credit for their efforts. The situation escalated when one faction felt snubbed as their leader was not invited on stage, leading to further uproar among the participants.

The Kakinada city Janasena candidate, Thangella Uday Kumar, had organized the meeting which saw the attendance of both Janasena and some TDP leaders. However, the gathering quickly descended into chaos, with accusations of disrespecting those who had worked hard. The discord was evident as party members publicly vented their frustrations, making the assembly highly tumultuous for a while.

This factionalism within Janasena as election time looms is causing concern, particularly as the party’s leader, Pawan Kalyan, has repeatedly emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration with alliance leaders for electoral success. The visible split among its own members is now a topic of significant discussion and concern.