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Huge Gold Seizure in Tamil Nadu Amid Election Season: Authorities Recover Over ₹900 Crores Worth

In a stunning crackdown amidst the election season, authorities in Tamil Nadu have seized a massive haul of gold worth approximately ₹900 crores. The operation unfolded late Saturday night on the Kundrathur road in Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram district, where a flying squad stopped and inspected vehicles suspected of transporting illegal assets.

During their operation, officials discovered around 1,425 kilograms of gold spread across two vehicles—one mini-truck and one container lorry. Initial investigations revealed that this enormous amount of gold was being transferred from Chennai Airport to a warehouse near Mannur in Sriperumbudur. Among the recovered gold, 400 kilograms were found with proper documentation, while the legality of the remaining gold is under scrutiny.

This high-profile recovery has sparked extensive investigations to trace the origin and intended destination of the seized gold, especially as election-related vigilance has intensified across the state. The value of the gold is estimated at nearly ₹900 crores, marking one of the largest seizures in recent times.

Moreover, in a related crackdown, election officials also recovered ₹1 crore in cash from the house of a Panchayat President, Divya Anbarasan, who is affiliated with AIADMK. This operation was based on credible information, highlighting the ongoing efforts to curb illegal money flow during the election period.

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