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🔥Huge fire in14 storied buildin🏢

A massive fire broke out in a 14-story building in Valencia, Spain. 🏢🔥 It is known that four people died in this incident. ☠️ Another 20 people are missing.. 🚨 Family members and relatives have expressed concern about the condition of all of them. 😢 According to reports, the fire broke out around 5.30 pm (local time) on Thursday. ⌛ Around 350 people were trapped in the building. 🏠 Many people jumped from several floors to escape the flames. 🚒 Nets were arranged under the building in this order. 🏗️ It is reported that the fire spread throughout the tower within moments of the accident. 📡 The fire spread from that building to another building. 🏢 Currently, videos related to the incident are going viral on social media.

In a video that is going viral, a man can be seen jumping from multiple floors. 👨‍🚒 To protect him, Kintha set up some mats. 🔧 On the other hand, many people living in houses in the building were seen calling for help from their flat balconies. 🆘 Around 20 firemen tried to douse the fire. 🚑 The fire is increasing due to strong winds.. 🌪️ Firefighters rescued the locals based on cranes. 🚒

It appears that the building was completely gutted in the incident. 🏢 There are 138 flats in the building that caught fire. 🏠 Out of which 450 people live here. A total of 15 people including six firemen were injured in the accident. ☹️ But officials say that their condition is stable. 🚨 Mayor of Valencia Maria Jose Catala said that they are looking for 20 missing people. 📢


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