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Hanuman'sLostEpic: The Unknown Tale of His Ramayana

Hanuman, a pivotal character in the Ramayana, is renowned for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. While most people are familiar with the version written by the sage Valmiki, few know that Hanuman himself penned his own account of the epic tale. After Rama's triumphant victory over Ravana, Hanuman retreated to a mountain and began etching the events of the Ramayana on its rocks using his nails.When Valmiki learned about Hanuman’s version, he visited him to see it. Overwhelmed by the completeness and divine beauty of Hanuman's Ramayana, Valmiki praised it as perfect. However, concerned about the attention his own version would receive, he shared his worries with Hanuman, who, in an act of humility and sacrifice, immediately destroyed his work. Thus, Hanuman's Ramayana was lost to the world, remaining an untold story of devotion and humility.