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🌐 Government started OTT

🦠 The biggest change in terms of movies during the Corona era.. The rise of OTT platforms. Over the top platforms boomed at a time when the theaters were closed during the corona time and people did not show much interest in going to the theaters even after they opened.

Many new OTTs have sprung up. 🌟 'Aaha' in Telugu has also got good subscriptions. Lately, 'ETV Win' is showing a bit of aggression. However, the OTTs' momentum seems to have decreased a bit lately. Now the state governments are also starting the tradition of organizing OTTs. Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh government has started an OTT on a small scale. But there is no correct answer. 🔍 But now the Kerala government has prepared the ground for conducting OTT on a slightly larger scale. The name of that government OTT started by the hands of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarapi Vijayan.. Cisspace. This OTT will run under the aegis of Kerala Film Development Corporation. A committee of three experts looks after the purchase of films and other matters. This OTT was launched with 35 movies, 6 documentaries and a short film. More content will be added in future. This OTT started as pay per view rather than subscription. 75 rupees per movie viewing. Half of that total goes to the content provider. The rest is government maintenance. Based on the response from the audience, the Kerala government is looking to increase the content on C Space and take it to a bigger level. 📺