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Garuda Purana Ancient Text on Karmic Retribution Explained 📜✨

Garuda Purana, one of the major texts in Hinduism, discusses the consequences of our actions. This ancient scripture is considered very significant among the eighteen Puranas and is known for its detailed explanations of karma and the afterlife. It teaches avoidance of sin and pursuit of a virtuous life, emphasizing the concept of reincarnation based on one's actions.

According to Garuda Purana, different sins lead to specific punishments in the afterlife. For instance:

  • Those who steal or covet others' property without any effort are bound and tortured with ropes in hell.

  • People who disrespect or expel elders from their homes are thrown into a fire until their skin peels off.

  • Those who harm innocent animals face severe penalties, such as being boiled in hot oil.

  • Individuals who disrupt others' happiness for their own pleasure are cast into wells full of venomous snakes.

  • Adulterers have their organs burnt with hot iron.

  • Individuals who sacrifice animals and consume their meat are placed among animals in hell.

  • Men who deceive or assault women are transformed into animals and submerged in wells filled with waste.

  • Those who derive joy from hurting innocents are forced to live in a river of blood and human remains, surrounded by dangerous animals.

These examples show how Garuda Purana serves to guide people towards righteousness by illustrating the severe consequences of wrongful deeds.