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G Pay Users Get a Big Shock.. Google Pay Services to Stop from Next Month!

The use of digital payment methods has skyrocketed recently 📱. Almost everyone with a smartphone is using Google Pay or PhonePe. These services have become a part of daily life for many. Initially, Google Pay attracted users with cashback offers through scratch cards 🤑. Now, these scratch cards offer vouchers and cashbacks, making the app even more appealing. However, there is shocking news for Google Pay users.

Starting from June 4, Google Pay services will be stopped in certain countries 🌍. Let's find out which countries will be affected and the reason behind this move. From June 4, the Google Pay app will only work in India and Singapore. Google has announced that it will halt services in the USA. According to the company, all users will be transitioned to Google Wallet. This move is seen as a strategy to promote Google Wallet, replacing Google Pay in about 180 countries 🌐.