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🎬🚨 Film actress arrested in KG gold theft case..🚔🎭

Another sensational incident has taken place in the Telugu film industry. Visakha police have arrested a film actress in a case of theft from a government employee's house. This incident created a sensation in the film circles.

Who is the movie actress? If we go into the details of the theft... Soumya Shetty got acquainted with Prasad's daughter who went to the auditions for film opportunities. He said that she used to come home from time to time. One day Prasad's family members went out after saying that there is a custom in our house of locking the washroom. Seeing that, she committed the theft of gold. They inquired to go to the wedding as they did not look for jewelry. The crime police said that a complaint was lodged against Soumya Shetty after they came to know that she had stolen. 🕵️‍♀️👀