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Fan caps that make hot summer cool..🌬️

This is one of the best fan caps available on Amazon. The original price of this cap is Rs. 1099 as part of the offer Rs. 599 can be owned. This fan cap is battery operated. Fan speed can be adjusted in three levels. Charging is possible with a USB cable.

If you wear this cap on your forehead, you can get cool air. This cap comes with USB rechargeable and it works for 3 hours once it is fully charged. The price of this fan is Rs. 692 is available on Amazon.

This cap, which provides cool air along with a stylish look, is priced at Rs. 1480 is available. The fan in this cap can be recharged with a USB cable.

This cap is specially designed for girls. The price of this fan cap is Rs. It is 999. Good quality cloth is used in this to absorb sweat. This cap can be recharged with anything like power bank, computer car charger etc.

The price of this portable fan cap is Rs. 899. It can also be charged with a USB cable. Made of cotton, this cap is very useful in summer. It can be said to be the best option for those who work in the sun. 🌀

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