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Excitement continues on Khammam and Karimnagar seats in Congress 🗳️

Panchayat of Lok Sabha seats continues in Congress. The party has already announced candidates in 14 constituencies for 17 seats. Negotiations on the remaining positions are ongoing. There is excitement especially on Karimnagar and Khammam seats.

Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka is trying hard to allocate Khammam ticket to his wife. On the other hand, Minister Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy is trying his best to get a ticket for his brother. Apart from these two, there are reports that the administration is thinking of giving ticket to Ramsahayam Ragharam Reddy. There is also excitement over the location of Karimnagar. Algireddy Praveen Reddy, Rajender Rao and Thinmar Mallanna are in the Karimnagar race. Praveen Reddy has given up the Husnabad Assembly seat. His followers are demanding that he should be given the ticket. It seems that the Congress leadership thinks that if the ticket is allotted to OC in Khammam, it will be given to BC in Karimnagar.

As Bhatti and Ponguleti are unable to let go, the name of Ramasahayam Raghuram Reddy is being considered as a middle way. Raghurama Reddy will be Ponguleti's mentor. Ponguleti's daughter was given to Raghuram Reddy's younger son. Raghuram Reddy's eldest son Hero married Venkatesh's daughter. It is expected that the Khamma community will also come together with this. But Bhatti is insisting that his wife should be allotted the ticket. Bandi Sanjay from BJP and Vinod Kumar from BRS are contesting in Karimnagar. But the Congress is hoping that some sentiment will be gathered after Bandi's defeat in the assembly elections. It is expected that the winning candidate will be selected. Praveen Reddy is almost likely to confirm the ticket. Regarding Hyderabad, there is a possibility of giving ticket to Feroz Khan or another leader.