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Ex-Miss Vizag Nakshatra Catches Husband Red-Handed with Another Woman

Former Miss Vizag Nakshatra has created a stir in Visakhapatnam by accusing her husband, Tripuraneni Sai Venkat Teja, of multiple infidelities. Nakshatra caught her husband red-handed with another woman, leading to a public confrontation. Sai Venkat Teja, while denying the accusations, claimed the woman was only there for an audition and that their divorce proceedings are ongoing in court.

Nakshatra, who was crowned Miss Vizag in 2012, later pursued a career in the film industry, where she met Sai Venkat Teja. Their relationship led to marriage in 2013, and they have a seven-year-old daughter. However, Nakshatra alleges that Sai's sexual desires led to numerous affairs. The couple's disputes escalated in 2020, eventually reaching the court.

Recently, Nakshatra arrived at an apartment in Daspalla Hills, where she found Sai with another woman, leading to a physical altercation. Police intervened, taking the woman to the station. Sai Venkat Teja insists that the allegations are false and that the woman was there for a film audition.


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