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#EmotionalModi: PM Modi Gets Teary-eyed During Election Campaign!

In the heat of the Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an emotional appearance. Addressing a large crowd in Madhya Pradesh, Modi expressed confidence that the BJP alliance would secure over 400 seats, hinting at the overwhelming support observed among the people. However, the highlight was Modi's emotional response to a young man's gesture. During his speech, Modi was momentarily speechless after seeing a pencil sketch of his mother, Hiraben, blessing him, brought by a young supporter. Moved by the depiction, Modi paused his speech, overwhelmed with emotion, and later asked the young man to write his name and address on the back of the photo so that he could personally respond with a letter. This moment stirred emotions among the attendees, resonating deeply with his supporters.

Meanwhile, Modi did not shy away from targeting the Congress party, predicting losses for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming elections. He suggested that after April 26, Rahul Gandhi would announce his candidacy from a second place, reflecting his predictions of Congress's poor performance. Modi's campaign speeches have become a blend of strong political assertions mixed with personal and emotional elements, drawing significant public and media attention.


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