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Election War in Andhra Pradesh One-Sided Counting Victory

The election battle in Andhra Pradesh was intense, but the counting turned one-sided. The TDP, JanaSena, and BJP coalition led by Chandrababu Naidu swept away the YSRCP. Chandrababu skillfully countered YSRCP's strategies and led the coalition to a super victory.

During the election campaign, Chandrababu used powerful strategies against YSRCP. To counter YSRCP's welfare schemes, he introduced his own "Super Sixer" initiatives: free bus travel for women, financial aid to women, "Thalli Ki Vandanam" scheme for children's education, and free gas cylinders for women. These welfare diamonds cut through YSRCP's Navaratnalu schemes.

As the campaign reached its peak, Chandrababu launched the "Land Titling Act" as his ultimate weapon against YSRCP. He campaigned strongly, saying, "Jagan will take your lands, but I'll revoke the act if elected." This message resonated powerfully among the people, despite YSRCP's counterarguments. This "Land Titling" weapon caused significant damage to YSRCP, leading to their massive defeat.