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#DubaiToBuildWorldsLargestAirport 🌍✈️

Dubai has announced plans to construct the world's largest airport, a massive project spearheaded by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Unveiled on a prominent platform, the airport, to be named Al Maktoum International Airport, represents an investment of $34.85 billion (about 2.9 lakh crores INR). This grand initiative aims to complete construction within the next decade.

Officials estimate that the new airport will handle annual traffic of 260 million people, significantly expanding its capacity to accommodate global travel demands. Al Maktoum International will be approximately five times larger than the current Dubai International Airport. With 400 terminal gates and five parallel runways, it will vastly enhance its operational capabilities and set new standards in aviation technology. This development is set to firmly establish Dubai as a leading global aviation hub.