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Dual SIM Dilemma Rising Costs Might Shock You! 📱💸

In today's tech-savvy world, dual SIM phones are a common sight. Most smartphones come equipped with two SIM slots, catering to people's needs to separate personal and work contacts. However, a significant update might make maintaining two active SIMs more expensive than ever.

As of the last update in December 2021, there hasn't been a hike in tariff plans. However, industry insiders predict a potential increase in the costs of prepaid and postpaid plans in the near future. Major telecom players like Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea are considering revising their rates, which haven't changed in over two and a half years.

For those utilizing dual SIMs, the financial burden may soon become apparent. Currently, to keep a SIM active, one needs to recharge with a minimum amount—approximately ₹150 with the major telecom providers. If tariffs increase, this figure could rise to between ₹180 and ₹200 just to keep the second SIM active. Users might find themselves shelling out around ₹400 every 28 days to maintain both SIMs.

The potential price rise in the tariff plans means that if you currently spend ₹300 on monthly recharges, you may soon need to budget an additional ₹75 monthly. For higher usage, the additional cost could go up to ₹125.

With the imminent rollout of 5G services, the expenses could skyrocket further. Maintaining one 5G and one 4G SIM could increase monthly costs by approximately 50%, as 5G plans are expected to be pricier than 4G. The combination of increased 4G and new 5G tariffs could put a significant financial strain on consumers.