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Doordarshan Change Logo Color From Red To Orange

Recently, Doordarshan, a state-managed broadcaster under the Central Government of India, made a significant change to its logo, switching the color from red to saffron. This alteration was announced on social media on April 16. Alongside the color change, the logo text under the symbol was also modified from 'DD' to Hindi characters spelling 'News'. This rebranding coincides with the enhancement of their studio systems and website to offer a more modern approach to broadcasting.

The management claims that while the logo's color has changed, the values Doordarshan stands for remain consistent. They emphasized their commitment to truth over sensation, facts over disputes, and accuracy over speed. A promotional video reinforcing these values went viral on Doordarshan's official Twitter.

However, this logo change during the election season has sparked severe criticism. Critics argue that the new saffron color might symbolize a shift towards political bias, overshadowing Doordarshan's decades-long reputation as a neutral broadcaster. Former CEO of Doordarshan and TMC MP Jawahar Sircar criticized the move harshly, accusing the broadcaster of becoming a mouthpiece for government propaganda. Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan also condemned the change, suggesting it reflected undue government influence over the broadcaster.