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Doomsday Glacier Melting Faster: A Global Threat 🌍❄️

The Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate due to the impact of El Niño. This massive glacier, located in the vast West Antarctica ice region, has the potential to raise global sea levels by up to 10 feet, putting millions of coastal residents at risk.

Due to global warming, the Doomsday Glacier is experiencing rapid melting. Scientists are increasingly concerned about this glacier's state because its melting could significantly contribute to rising sea levels worldwide. If the glacier melts completely, it could increase sea levels by 4%.

The Doomsday Glacier accounts for 5% of the world's sea level rise. The rapid melting of this glacier, fueled by human-induced global warming, poses a severe threat. If the glacier melts suddenly, sea levels could rise by 2 feet instantly.


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