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Do you know how to send large files in mail?

Email was once used by only a few. After the advent of smart phones, emails have become indispensable for everyone. This means that everyone should have a Gmail account. But do you know that there are many secret features available in Gmail that we don't know about? Now let's know about one of these features.

Usually we send important documents in the form of mails so that the quality of photos does not decrease. But what about long videos and documents? Gmail allows content of more than 25 MB of data to be sent in mail. But if you use a little trick, you can easily mail files with more storage. Now let's find out what this trick is..

For this you need to log into your Gmail account first. After that you have to upload the photo, video or documents you want to send to Google Drive. Then select the drive icon that appears on the right side of the screen while sending Gmail. Immediately two options will appear. Choose the Insert from Drive option. After that, the files and photos you have uploaded to the drive will appear immediately. Select the content you want to send.

Google will automatically create a link to your selected file and send it to your email. Before sending the mail..the link is accessed only by those who received it..? Can anyone access it? An option will appear. Just select the option you like and press send.