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Difficulty for small films in February🎬

As the old saying goes, marry and see. Marketing the movie and watch it is the industry of mine. If you look at the situation of the producers who are making films with artistes who have no image but recognition with a low budget, this is evident. Especially the month of February proved this time and again. The reviews of Ambajipet Marriage Band, which came out in the beginning, were positive. The public talk sounded decent. However, it could not turn into huge collections. Writer Padmabhushan for Suhas, the market beyond the color photo and increasing the sellability is not a problem.

The audience did not show the slightest pity for the boot cut Balaraju, even though Sohail said that he was supported by Bigg Boss or ran to the theater. Difference in content is another matter. At least there should be openings. Among the latest arrivals, Sundaram seems to be unable to live up to the expectations of the master. Producers are saying that the gross has been more than four crores but the facts are bad for the trade. It is healing. Abhinav Gotam's Mast Shades Unnai Raa, Deepak Saroj Siddharth Roy's response was poor. In many places, the theaters are going to sell out with minimal crowds.

Those mentioned here are the movies that are remembered in the minds of some people. There are more than ten others that came and went so fast that no one knew if they actually came or not. Hastily dubbed films like True Lover and Bhrama Yugam played well here. It is true that February is usually a little dry but not too bad a season. We should not forget the instances of many blockbusters in the past. Starting from Suryavamsan years ago to DJ Tillu, many films are February blockbusters. But this time there was no time for small films. It cannot be said that it is a very small movie but only the name of the village Bhairavakona gave relief to the buyers. As per the official statement of the team, more than 25 crores gross has been received.