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🔍 Did NDA give green signal to TDP..? 🔍

🏛️ As the Parliament elections are approaching, the politics of AP has become very interesting. The major parties have started working on winning strategies. But mainly in AP, the suspense continues over alliance politics. Although there is already clarity on the alliance between TDP and Janasena, there is no clarity on whether the BJP will join them or not. A few days ago, Chandrababu went to Delhi and met BJP leaders. Later Pawan Kalyan is also rumored to go to Hastina. In this program, Pawan Kalyan, who visited Bhimavaram, gave clarity on the issue of alliances in the workers' meeting. They said that they are coming together with TDP and BJP.

He said that he has worked hard for this. Pawan said that he was trying to convince the BJP to come together with the TDP-Jana Sena for alliances. On the other hand.. different from Pawan Kalyan's comments on alliances.. AP TDP president Achchennaidu made interesting comments. He said that TDP has received an invitation to join NDA. He said that Chandrababu went to Delhi to talk about this issue. Janasena party is already a partner in NDA. After Babu's meeting with Amit Shah the other day, it is known that TDP is also ready to join NDA. Chandrababu has already joined NDA twice.

🕰️ During Vajpayee's government i.e. till 2004 Chandrababu came out after being in NDA. Later, before the 2014 elections, he joined the NDA. He was in the alliance till 2017. And as part of NDA, TDP MPs also got the posts of Union Ministers. After the TDP came out of the NDA over the issue of special status, party leaders resigned from the posts of Union Ministers and fought against the BJP. If TDP joins NDA again, this will be the third time. 📜