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Despite Earning Millions, Mrunal Thakur Tops the List of Frugality!

Mrunal Thakur, who debuted in Telugu cinema with the film 'Sita Ramam', quickly stole the hearts of the audience with her first movie. Continuing her success, she dazzled again in Telugu cinema with her role as Yashna. Recently, she made waves in the theaters with a family star movie.

Mrunal is actively juggling multiple projects across Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi cinemas. Starting her journey without any familial support in the industry, Mrunal now commands remunerations in the millions. Despite her financial success, Mrunal revealed in a recent interview that she has never bought designer clothes and considers buying costly outfits wasteful. "If you spend a lot on clothes you like, you can't wear them again. I still rent clothes for movies, events, parties, and interviews... many people follow this practice," she shared. Moreover, if she decides to buy clothes herself, she never spends more than INR 2000. Her frugal approach to fashion has now gone viral online, earning her the title of 'number one in frugality' despite her wealth.