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Cyclone Warning for Telugu States: Heavy Rains Expected 🌧️

Recently, people in the Telugu states have been battling intense heat. Now, with the onset of the monsoon, there's a slight relief. However, the Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana due to Cyclone Remal. Already, several districts in both states are experiencing rains.

In Nagarkurnool district, strong winds have caused severe damage. Tragically, seven people have lost their lives due to the extreme weather. Four people died when a tin shed collapsed in Tadur Shivaru, two were struck by lightning, and another person died when a brick flew into their car. In Vikarabad district, heavy rains accompanied by strong winds have frightened residents, with roofs being blown off houses and power poles and trees being uprooted, disrupting transportation.

In Andhra Pradesh, despite the cyclone's impact being less severe, several districts are still experiencing rains. In Srisailam, Nandyal district, thunderstorms and heavy rains have caused devotees at the Srisailam temple complex to run for cover. The sea has turned turbulent due to the cyclone, with waves creating chaos along the Uppada coast in Kakinada district. Authorities have halted traffic on the beach road due to the dangerous waves, which are expected to intensify as the cyclone makes landfall. The Meteorological Department has issued warnings to fishermen, advising them not to venture into the sea.