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CM Revanth Wipes Out BRS New Schemes & Governance in Telangana

CM Revanth Reddy is making waves with his distinct governance style, focusing on implementing new schemes and wiping out traces of the previous BRS government. After the elections, he's putting all his energy into administration, aiming to show his unique mark. 🚀

Revanth Reddy is not just rebranding old schemes but also introducing new ones. The six guarantees promised during elections include the Mahalakshmi Scheme, Rythu Bharosa, Cheyutha, Indiramma Houses, Gruhajyoti, and Yuva Vikasam. 🏠

  1. Rythu Bharosa: This replaces the previous government's Rythu Bandhu scheme, providing better support to farmers.

  2. Indiramma Houses: Revamping KCR's Double Bedroom scheme, it aims to provide more housing options.

  3. Cheyutha: Replaces the Asara scheme, offering pensions to elderly, single women, disabled, and workers in traditional crafts.

CM Revanth Reddy's administration is also enhancing old schemes and launching new ones, like Amma Adarsha Committees to improve school facilities by engaging women groups in villages. 📚

In a bid to put his stamp on the state, he's replacing the old "TS" abbreviation with "TG". Also, he's introducing a new industrial policy with six components, including policies for MSMEs, life sciences, and exports. These policies aim to make it easier to set up industries in Telangana. 🏭

In a nutshell, CM Revanth Reddy's government is taking strides to ensure that the old government's traces are erased, and new, efficient schemes are in place. He's committed to delivering on promises and bringing a new wave of governance to Telangana. 🌟


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