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Chiru Supports Pawan Mega Family’s Unified Stand Sparks Buzz! 🌟

Recently, Pawan Kalyan, fondly known as Power Star, has been the center of attention not just for his upcoming massive film projects but also for his active participation in politics. Adding more to the buzz, several celebrities alongside his elder brother, Megastar Chiranjeevi, have shown their support through social media posts. A recent video byte by Chiranjeevi, where he clarifies his non-alignment with any political party while asserting his familial support for Pawan Kalyan, has gone viral.

Chiranjeevi expressed that their family will always stand by Pawan Kalyan, especially in his political journey. "We all wholeheartedly support his political aspirations," Chiranjeevi remarked in his video. This statement came shortly after he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, adding a significant weight to his words.

Following this, Chiranjeevi is set to return to the sets of his big-budget film "Vishwambhara," directed by Vashisht and produced by UV Creations. The film community and fans are eagerly waiting to see what comes next from this engaging family saga intertwined with cinematic commitments.

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