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Cash Hoards In Minister's AidHome ED's Shocking Discovery in Ranchi

In a stunning series of events early Monday morning, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted multiple raids across Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, unveiling a staggering sum of undeclared cash amounting to ₹25 crores. These funds were seized from various locations, including the residence of a close aide to the Jharkhand Rural Development Minister, Alamgir Alam. Officials were left in shock as they discovered stacks of currency notes hidden inside the ministerial aide's home.

The raids were part of an ongoing investigation into money laundering charges against Virender Ram, former Chief Engineer of the Jharkhand Rural Development department, who was arrested last February. The current operations extended to the homes of Ram's relatives, further intensifying the scrutiny.

This incident has triggered a flurry of criticism from the opposition BJP, highlighting a potential misuse of funds intended for election purposes. BJP spokesperson Pratul Shahdev urged the Election Commission to take immediate action, indicating that such malpractices could undermine the electoral process in Jharkhand. The video footage showing the hidden cash has gone viral, sparking widespread outrage and demanding accountability in the state’s governance.