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Burning prices in Pakistan during Ramjaan..📈

Currently, the price of onion in Pakistan has increased from 150 to 300 rupees per kg. Before Ramzan, the price of potato was 50 pkr per kg, but now it has increased to 80 rupees. Cabbage price has increased from 80-100 pkr to 150 pkr.

Green chillies are sold at 200 to 320 rupees per kg. The price of capsicum has also doubled. 400 rupees per kg. Usually fruit sales increase during the month of Ramzan. The price of small size bananas has increased from Rs 80 to Rs 120 per dozen. Big bananas of good quality are being sold at Rs 200 per dozen. Watermelon is also sold at 150 to 200 rupees.

A few months ago, the average increase in vegetables and commodities across Pakistan was 31.5 percent. But during the festive month, it increased up to 60 percent. Along with the prices of vegetables, the prices of various fruits have also gone up drastically. The reason for the significant rise in prices across the country is also due to some traders taking advantage of the opportunity. This sudden sharp rise in the prices of essential commodities has increased the financial woes of low-middle-income consumers. 💰