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🗳️ BRS Wins Mahbubnagar MLC Naveen Kumar Reddy Clinches Victory!

🌟 In the Mahbubnagar local bodies MLC by-election, BRS candidate Naveen Kumar Reddy emerged victorious against Congress candidate Manne Jeevan Reddy. Naveen Kumar Reddy secured the win with a margin of 111 votes, ensuring BRS retained the sitting seat.

🗳️ The results were determined by the first preference votes, where BRS received 763 votes, Congress got 652 votes, and an independent candidate received one vote. Out of 1,437 total votes, 21 were declared invalid. The counting took place today, two months after the polling.

📅 The election was held on March 28 across ten polling stations in the combined district. Out of 1,439 eligible local body voters, 1,437 cast their votes, resulting in a 99.86% voter turnout. The results, which were expected on April 2, were delayed due to a last-minute postponement by the Central Election Commission, citing the potential impact on the ongoing Parliament election code. The counting was rescheduled to June 2.