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Bjp President Jp Naddas Wife Mallika Naddas Toyota Fortuner Car Stolen In Delhi

BJP national president Jagat Prakash Nadda's wife Mallika Nadda's car was stolen by miscreants. But it seems that the theft of this car took place on the 19th of this month. The driver of the car revealed that the car was stolen in Delhi's Govindapuri area. After the car was stolen, the driver, who was looking for him, did not find anything, so he told Nadda's wife about it. They complained to the police. The police who entered the field.. registered an FIR.. and started searching for the car. In this order, the CCTV footage of the area where the car was stolen is being examined. Mallika Nadda's car was stolen on 19th of this month at 3 pm. Mallika Nadda's Toyota Fortuner car was taken by driver Joginder for servicing. But after completing the servicing, when he was reaching back to Nadda's house, his house was in the middle of the road, so he parked the car there and went inside. When he came out after eating, he did not see the car. He turned to look for the car in the area but could not find it, so he approached the police. However, the police registered a case and intensified their efforts to find the car.


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