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Bangalore Voters Stay Home Low Turnout in City's Lok Sabha Elections!

In the second phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, held this Friday, approximately half of Bangalore's voters did not turn up to vote, revealing a significant drop in urban electoral participation. Despite extensive efforts by the Election Commission to boost voter engagement, the turnout in Bangalore's three urban constituencies remained notably low. Bangalore Central recorded a 52.81% turnout, while Bangalore North and South saw 54.42% and 53.15%, respectively.

Officials speculate that the scorching summer heat may have discouraged voters, alongside other unidentified factors. In contrast, rural areas of Karnataka like Mandya and Kolar reported high turnouts of 81.48% and 78.07%, respectively, showcasing a stark difference in voter enthusiasm compared to the urban centers.

The Election Commission had introduced several initiatives to make voting more accessible, including QR codes on voter slips and mobile apps to help voters locate their polling stations. Despite these measures, urban voter turnout failed to meet expectations, underlining the challenge of engaging city dwellers in the electoral process.