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Baahubali Crown Of Blood – Is the Animated Version Worth the Hype?🗡️🔥

The iconic Indian film "Baahubali" needs no introduction. In a bid to reach a global audience, director S.S. Rajamouli and team have launched an animated web series, "Baahubali – Crown of Blood," on Disney+ Hotstar. Let’s dive into this much-anticipated series and see if it lives up to the hype.

Positive Points:

  • Just like the big screen version, this series keeps the excitement alive, especially with the intriguing twist around Kattappa.

  • The introduction and portrayal of a new character, Rakthadeva, are impressive, showcasing the trademark villainous vision of Rajamouli.

  • The series has engaging scenes between Baahubali and Rakthadeva, with the last four episodes being particularly captivating.

  • Rajamouli’s unique touch with weapons is evident, with different and interesting arms featured in the series.

  • Several battle scenes and dramatic moments are well-executed.

Negative Points:

  • The Telugu dubbing falls flat, disappointing Telugu audiences who might have been eagerly waiting for it.

  • Prabhas' iconic portrayal of Baahubali is missing in the animated version, which might not sit well with his fans.

  • Some parts, especially the first two episodes, fail to maintain interest.

  • The emotional depth and powerful background score, key highlights of the original movies, are missing here.

Verdict: Overall, "Baahubali – Crown of Blood" brings a fresh perspective to the greatest blockbuster of Indian cinema. While it has good animation, battle scenes, and some twists, it falls short in delivering the expected emotions. Prabhas' animated version might disappoint hardcore fans, and the Telugu dubbing could have been better. This series might appeal more to kids and die-hard fans with lower expectations.