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Are You Missing Your Morning Meal? Beware!🥞

In today's fast-paced life, many youngsters are skipping breakfast due to work stress and financial issues. They think it's okay to directly have lunch. However, doctors are warning against such habits. Skipping breakfast and having late dinners can be harmful to your health.

Why Breakfast is Important:

Idlis, dosas, vadas, bread toast, and omelets are popular breakfast choices. However, due to busy schedules, late-night work, and sleeping in, many are neglecting their morning meals. This negligence can lead to heart-related issues and chronic diseases, according to health experts.

Doctors emphasize the importance of not skipping breakfast and dinner. Having meals on time and consuming the right food can greatly benefit your health. They recommend having milk, chapati, bread, and fruits for breakfast to start your day right.